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       from a dream to reality...       

Ayurveda is highly individualized system of natural medicines , it recognizes that each person is born with personal blueprint for optimal health. Understanding unique mind –body makeup is the foundation for creating and maintaining balanced health.


Arogyam Ayurvedm, focuses on enlivening inner intelligence of the body and strengthen the body ‘s natural healing ability. 
In Arogyam Ayurvedm, We Serve you  with Authentic Ayurveda,  which is received as a result of  sharing and blessings for our past four generations We understand the needs of your present time and provide the best solutions by traditional and authentic Ayurveda approach.

With Long years of Experience although it is possible to heal, most of health concerns still we also understand that there are some ,which may not be suitable under our system. 


So when you choose Arogyam Ayurvedm , you also getting our insights in healthcare to find , if we are best for you or not. During an Ayurvedic consultation , our experts use the traditional technique of pulse assessment to determine , how fa a person has fallen from their ideal state of balance.

An integrated approach of purification treatments , herbal preparations , diet and specific lifestyle recommendations is designed to restore body natural balance and strengthen its innate healing abilities.

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